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Comfort Keepers Provide Professional Respite Care in Los Angeles, CA

Respite care gives family caregivers reprieve without compromising care

When the family caregiver needs to travel, has their own obligations or simply needs a break, respite care is the best solution for your loved one. This type of care gives the caregiver the opportunity to go on a holiday with peace of mind knowing that senior’s needs are supported. If you need to take a break from assisting your parent with everyday activities, consider working with Comfort Keepers of Los Angeles, CA. We offer top quality respite care services to families. This way every family member will get what they need to maintain a high quality of life.

With respite care caregiver can continue in caring for the senior longer. It can be provided for a few hours or days or for longer periods, depending on your and your loved one’s needs. You and your parent will be supported and receive the help you need. You will have the opportunity to recharge your batteries while your senior is in capable hands of our highly trained caregivers. With our interim care frustration and stress is avoided.

Interim care is also an excellent way to gradually introduce a new caregiver to your senior. They can get used to a new person in their home and be comfortable around them by the time the full-time care is needed.

Respite care is often needed by families whose loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Because of the high stress associated with caring for a loved senior with a memory disorder, respite is a great way for family caregivers to get some rest.

With this type of care, you will rest assured that all of your loved one’s needs are met and you can use your free time to spend some quality time with them instead of cleaning their house, preparing them meals or checking their medications.  Interim care will give you the opportunity to talk to your loved one, go for a walk with them, play games or share a meal without any additional stress.

Comfort Keepers of Los Angeles, CA, understands that inviting someone else to come into your home can be unpleasant since there are worries over disruption to existing routines, and lifestyle. Our professional caregivers will communicate with you to ensure that your loved one’s medical and lifestyle requirements are met during your absence.

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