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Comfort Keepers Offers Personal Emergency Response Systems in Los Angeles, CA

Advanced home care products help seniors maintain independence and safety

As your loved one gets older, you may be finding yourself worried about whether or not they will be able to call for help if they get into a dangerous situation. Thankfully, your local advanced home care provider, Comfort Keepers, has a solution.

Comfort Keepers has been an advanced home care provider for over two decades. We are committed to helping your loved one stay independent while not compromising on safety, which is why we recommend Personal Emergency Response Systems from SafetyChoice® to seniors who are not yet ready for 24 hour home care.

How Personal Emergency Response Systems Work

Most are activated with the push of a button and will immediately call for help. Your loved one will be automatically connected to the SafetyChoice Centralized Monitoring Station, and a representative will react quickly to get your loved one help. For example, if your loved one takes a fall in the bathroom, away from their cell phone and landline, with the simple push of a button, emergency personnel will be there in no time to help them in whatever way they need.

Advanced home care solutions like PERS were developed with your loved one's independence in mind. With a PERS device, your loved one will be able to move around freely and without fear. There are a number of Personal Emergency Response Systems available. We offer your loved one the choice of a bracelet, wristband or necklace. Whatever they find the most comfortable will be the best option for them.

Comfort Keepers, in conjunction with SafetyChoice, offers the following PERS in Los Angeles:

  1. G4000 Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) - The G4000 is an easy to use and reliable system. It is available as a necklace and is waterproof so your loved one can have it on them at all times.  
  2. GSMJ PERS - Wireless PERS - This PERS can be hooked up to a mobile phone and does not have to be fixed to a landline. This gives your loved one the freedom to move around freely wherever they'd like, not just in their home.
  3. Go Anywhere Mobile PERS with GPS - This is the most advanced PERS we offer. It has coverage across the entire planet.

To find out more about PERS and advanced home care, please call our office in Los Angeles, CA, today!


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