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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Care Agencies in Los Angeles, CA

If you have questions about home care agencies - Comfort Keepers has answers!

What’s the difference between home care agencies and home health care?

Home care refers to non-medical care like homemaking or personal care services while home health care involves skilled nursing, speech, physical, or occupational therapy.

What services does Comfort Keepers offer?

Comfort Keepers is pleased to offer a wide variety of services that involve personal and companionship care. Personal services include bathing, grooming, dressing, mobility assistance, toileting, transferring and positioning, and feeding.

Companionship care services consist of laundry, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and incidental transportation. Specialized services like dementia and Alzheimer’s care as well as in-home safety technology solutions are available as well.

How are Comfort Keepers chosen?

Caregivers or Comfort Keepers all pass an extensive screening process and complete a comprehensive training program. They are all employees rather than contractors, meaning they are bonded, insured, and covered by worker’s compensation insurance.

What is the cost of in home care?

To determine the cost of in home care in your area, we suggest that you contact your local office as Comfort Keepers agencies are independently owned and operated.

Are services available 24/7?

Yes. Comfort Keepers offers services a few times a week, part-time, full-time, or 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Unlike other home care agencies, we continue supporting seniors on weekends and holidays.

Does Comfort Keepers provide services to seniors in assisted living facilities or nursing homes?

Yes. Older adults in assisted living facilities or nursing home can opt for our services to receive additional attention or a more personalized level of care.

Are there written care plans for each client? Are they modified? If so, how often?

Written, individualized care plans are created for each Comfort Keepers client. They are reviewed every six months and can be modified as a senior’s health condition and current needs change.

Will the same Comfort Keeper serve my senior all the time? How will they meet?

Once a client care coordinator documents the services your senior requires as well as their caregiving preference, a Comfort Keeper will be selected. Your senior will meet the Comfort Keeper while the type and quantity of services to be provided are reviewed.

What happens if my Comfort Keeper is ill or out of town?

If your senior’s Comfort Keeper is ill or out of town, a client care coordinator will find a replacement caregiver and notify you and your older loved one in advance. The caregiver will be educated on your senior’s care of plan so that they receive the highest quality of services.

What are ADLs and IADLS?

Activities of Daily Living or ADLs involve bathing, grooming, toileting, mobility and other basic tasks that are essential for functioning on a daily basis. Less basic yet extremely important activities are Instrumental Activities of Daily Living or IADLs. IADLs may be grocery shopping, preparing meals, running errands, washing clothes and folding laundry, and paying bills.

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