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Legal Considerations for Senior Care Services in Los Angeles, CA

When you're planning for senior care services, a legal organization is key

Since legal matters can become extremely complicated during the senior years, it’s vital to be organized. When you discuss home care services with your older loved one, make sure you also take the time to assist him or her in ensuring that all of their legal documents are good to go.

If you’re searching for a resource to help you out with information related to legal matters and care services for older adults, check out the internet. Comfort Keepers recommends the Law Issues for Consumers section of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) website, the ABA’s Guide to Wills and Estates, the ABA’s Commission on Law and Aging, and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys’ and ABA’s lawyer lookup tools.

Advance health care directives are legal documents where seniors indicate what types of medical treatments and long-term care services should be made on their behalf if they are incapacitated and ill to the point where they cannot make decisions on their own. One type of advance health care directive that focuses on health care services is known as a living will. The second type is a durable power attorney which nominates someone to make health-related decisions on the behalf of a senior whenever necessary.

Wills are also important documents as they prevent family conflicts by stating who is entitled to a senior’s assets when they pass away. Trusts are designed to support with estate and tax planning, prevent probate, and help care for dependent family members. Comfort Keepers suggests working with an attorney when designing a will or trust.

Older adults without durable powers of attorney can expect the court to choose a guardian or conservator to make decisions in the event that they are ill or incapacitated. Personal, financial, and health care decisions will be made by a guardian while a conservator will manage the financial affairs when your senior is unable to.

Your senior should assist you and other family members by organizing all of their legal documents and informing you where they are so that they can be easily accessible during a crisis or emergency. Documents that should be collected include their social security card, birth certificate, health and life insurance information, trust and will documents, mortgage paperwork, contact information of their medical professionals, funeral prearrangement details, advance directives, credit card information, recent tax income returns, and marriage or divorce papers.

Although this information is very valuable, it’s best to consult a qualified attorney prior to making any legal decisions.

Please feel free to contact Comfort Keepers in Los Angeles, CA, if you have any questions on how to organize and plan for your senior loved one's care services.

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