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Starting ‘The Conversation’: Long Term Care Options in Los Angeles, CA

Comfort Keepers help families discuss and plan for short-term and long-term care for senior loved ones

Elder Care ConversationConversations about long-term care can be difficult. For this reason, Comfort Keepers has compiled this handy guide to help you and your family overcome the discomfort that you may feel when initiating the conversation with your older loved one.

Prior to having this conversation, you and other family members should take the time to plan it out and determine what points you’d like to get across. Figure out a way to keep the entire conversation positive so that your senior open up to the idea of home care rather than becoming frustrated and upset. You may want to write down your main talking points to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Be sure to have a series of long-term care conversations with your senior rather than overwhelming them with one, long conversation. Here are several tips for starting these discussions about long-term care with your senior:

Don’t Wait

All too often, family members wait until their senior is sick or has developed a chronic condition before talking to them about long-term care. It’s far better to begin the conversation when they are healthy and able to share their wants and needs so that their wishes can be met in the future.

Select a Comfortable Place

It’s best to avoid having the conversation in a loud restaurant or family birthday party. Select a quiet place that your senior feels the calmest and relaxed. This place may be their kitchen, living room, den, or community park.

Use Positive Communication Skills

When speaking with your senior loved one about care options, speak slowly and clearly while maintaining good eye contact. Be sure to sit close to them without invading their personal space in order to build the trust that will be necessary for this conversation.

Provide Them With Options

Rather than making the conversation all about what you and your family would like for your senior loved one, you should make the conversation about their wants, needs, and preferences. Provide your older loved one with options and make it clear that they will be involved in planning their own care.

Inquire About Documents and Records

During long-term care discussions, you should ask your parents where they store documents such as living wills, insurance policies, bank statements, and durable powers of attorney. Let them know that knowing where these documents and records allow you to help them whenever necessary.

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