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Loneliness Can Cause Early Death

Aug 31, 2016 by Miracle Mile Comfort Keepers

When we think of risk factors that could lead to an early death, issues like poverty and obesity tend to come to mind. According to recent research, however, loneliness and isolation is a much more significant problem, leading to depression, stress, and other related health problems. It is essential to ensure that seniors stay active and socially involved in order to limit this avoidable risk factor. Read Article

In-Home Respite Care After a Hospital Discharge

Aug 15, 2016 by Miracle Mile Comfort Keepers

When we experience a serious injury or illness, returning to normal activities and household tasks can seem overwhelming. The healing process continues for long after the hospital stay, with physical therapy and rehabilitation paving the road ahead. If you or a loved one has recently suffered an extended hospital stay and require assistance transitioning to home, Comfort Keepers can help. Read Article

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