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In Home Caregiver Provides Meal Preparation & Feeding Assistance in Los Angeles, CA

Healthy eating and personal nutrition plans are made easier for seniors with help from Comfort Keepers

With age, some seniors have difficulty performing everyday activities, including meal preparation and clean-up. With the assistance of an in home caregiver, your loved one your parent will eat healthy, nutritious foods and have home cooked meals prepared for them every day, instead of processed food that doesn't provide the nutrition they need. We encourage our clients to participate in cooking so they maintain a sense of independence.

We aim to prepare meals with only fresh foods and avoid processed foods which can damage the health of our clients. If a senior has to follow a diet plan, our in home caregiver will prepare meals according to the doctor’s orders. Comfort Keepers in Los Angeles, CA, will ensure that your parent is receiving nutrition that is designed for them.

We encourage our clients to participate in cooking. One of our primary goals is to keep seniors active and healthy, and meal preparing is one of the activities which allow them to be both. Seniors who are included in cooking enjoy their meal so much more since they helped in preparing it and they’ve put their love into it.

Our in home caregiver can also provide companionship over meal time. Comfort Keepers recommend that you or other family members come over for dinner and share a meal with your loved one. Seniors appreciate these gestures and dinner time can be the most enjoyable time for them. Nothing makes our clients happy as a company of their loved ones. That is why we encourage you to visit your senior on a regular basis.

A  caregiver can remind your loved one when it is time to take their medications which should be consumed with food. We will ensure that your loved one eats nutritious meals and takes their meds on time, so you can have peace of mind.

If you think your loved one could benefit from our meal preparing services or you are interested in learning more about the in home caregiver senior care options, please call our office today!


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