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Comfort Keepers Home Care Aide Providers Offer Medication Reminders in Los Angeles, CA

A professional home care provider ensures seniors take medications safely and as directed

To preserve health and keep chronic and other illnesses under control, it is not uncommon for older adults to use over five prescription medications per day. This can be difficult to manage, especially for seniors with cognitive disorders, mobility issues, and other health problems.  If you are worried that your loved one cannot properly manage their medications on a daily basis, a home care aide can help with medication reminders.

Whether your parent lives alone or you act as their primary caregiver, with the assistance of a professional care provider, you can have peace of mind knowing that they will always take the correct dosage of their medications at the right time.

A home care aide can make sure that your loved one is properly taking their medications and look out for any side effects. This way, you can know if their treatment is working or if you should talk to their medical team about additional options.

In addition to reminding your loved one when and how to take their medications, an expert caregiver can perform other tasks as well, including picking up prescription medications at the local pharmacy and making certain that they always have enough medications at home.

A Comfort Keepers home care aide can plan out daily dosages by introducing a medicine management system that works best for your loved one and also makes sure that your loved one has their medications with them at all times. When traveling, a professional caregiver will remind your loved one to bring enough medications for the duration of their trip too.

While the support of a home caregiver can be invaluable in medication management, we also understand that some seniors would prefer managing their medications on their own or with the help of family members. If this is the case with your parent, we can help as well.

We can offer technology solutions that can enable your loved one to easily manage all of their medications through an automated system. For many seniors, this can provide a boost in independence as well, as they will be able to handle medication management without anyone’s help. Our technology solutions include Pill Dispenser, Tab Safe, and MedMinder. These products can optimize medication use, offering maximum ease and security to your loved one.

If you are interested in our home care aide services or technology solutions, please give us a call today! We are more than happy to answer all your questions to help you find the best care solution for your loved one.


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